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Kitchen Renovation Article: 516 Words

Redesigning your space could be a result of watching too much of ‘The Block’ this year or, maybe your pinterest board is filling up with new trends that you can’t stop thinking about.

Either way, a kitchen renovation can freshen up your life and add a little more excitement to the mundane.

Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of any home. They’re not only for cooking beautiful meals for your family but are often a space of experimentation, joy, laughter and sometimes struggle. Trying out new recipes, making yourself a comforting snack or helping the littles ones with their homework, the kitchen island is actually a pretty happening spot!

Considering we spend so much time in the kitchen (some more than others..) we should embrace the opportunity to shape it exactly to fit both our functional and aesthetic preferences. Turns out it seems a lot easier washing the dishes in a well designed kitchen!

In today's interior design market, there are so many options for designers and builders however, some homeowners are opting for a DIY approach adding a splash of creative fun to their weekend tasks. Although doing it yourself can be an exciting endeavor, there's often limitations with how much you can achieve with your non-designer skill set. It’s supposed to be pleasurable and rewarding, not frustrating and strenuous! So in in most of the cases, it is with engaging a specialist like the guys from Zeel Kitchens, for example.

Depending on what you need, you can outsource certain aspects of the job to contractors or if you really don’t want any stress, outsource the entire process to a trusted renovation company. Simply, gather your ideas and they’ll refine and coordinate the rest! You may be shocked at how many different trades and skills are required with a kitchen renovation, so let them do the stressing and you take on the role of the relaxed visionary.

If you’re planning to renovate your entire property, the kitchen is a fantastic place to start. Like we mentioned earlier, the kitchen is the heart of your home and gets a lot of traffic everyday whether you think so or not. So designing the rest of your home around the idea you’ve started in the kitchen, is a sure way to gain ultimate satisfaction with your interior design ventures.

You can get creative with different materials like marble, timber or glass while also considering all aspects of tiling, appliances and general color schemes. Even inviting plants, artwork and ornaments into the space is an amazing way of making it feel more cozy, just like a kitchen should!

Start off by getting inspired! There are some great platforms out there like Pinterest or Instagram but sometimes a solid googling session can give you some ideas you would have never considered. A great way of gathering your ideas and linking them together to form a harmonious concept, is to create a mood board of everything you find aesthetically pleasing.

This is a solid starting point to present to any renovation company you choose to go with and they will finetune and look after the details!

Lastly, enjoy the process of creating your new kitchen, new space and new you!

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