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5 Reasons to move to Clear Lake, Iowa

1 - Spoilt for choice

If you're considering buying Iowa real estate, then you have no need to worry. In Clear Lake IA there is so much to choose from. Suiting any kind of need or specification you may have, for example. Houses for sale in Clear Lake IA have all kinds of features and different levels of prices to suit any family or couple. Clear lake Iowa is located in the north part of the state. In the Iowa community Clear Lake is well known for always having something going on, we’ll elaborate a little more on that later i think. With real estate starting at 75,000 and going up from there, they really do have something for everyone

2 - What's going on

As I said previously, Clear lake Iowa is well known to be a place that has something going on all the time. One of the stand out features is kind of obvious as it's in the name. Of course, having the freedom to walk down to the lake and watch the sunset can be a pleasure.  Clear Lake is also a hotspot for all kinds of unique festivals and different kinds of entertainment. Meaning you'll find it hard to get bored, and i think the same for your kids too!

3 - Families are welcome

Yeah, of course it's 2021 now. It's a free country, you can do what you want can't you? Yes, but living in clear lake, Iowa. You’ll notice the amount of families that it draws in, this is a great thing for your children as making new friends and connections are extremely important for their social development. On top of that your kids won't only be making friends, you can of course as well. As i'm sure you know making friends in a new palace can be so fun and also super beneficial for you

4 - Schools

Again I'm presuming that you have kids, or at least plan for it. So if you don't skip this one and move onto the next. Whether it's private or even public schooling, Your beloved children will be in great hands and out of harm's way. Students generally have a higher percentage of grades, meaning the schools must be doing something right

5 - Get some fresh air

Whether it's you or it could be your kids that you're dragging outside to get some fresh air it doesn't matter. Clear Lake Iowa is a great place for that. In the lake alone there are a huge range of expected lake activities. From water skiing to fishing, and lots more. The park also provides you and your family with multiple options for activities like Basketball courts, trails for running and walking, playgrounds for kids and lots more. So let's just say, keeping busy on the weekends won't be a problem at all. At the same time being able to do all that whilst breathing in the fresh air, Its a win win if you ask me

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